PPH Przybylski

Our family company was founded in early 1989.

We manufacture various leather products, however, our specialty is the production of crops, lunging whips and driving whips.

We offer the highest quality products in various sizes and designs.

Crops Whips

About us

Our leatherwork shop was set up as a family firm at the begining of 1989 in Poznań. In 1994 we moved our business to Sulęcinek, 45 km from Poznań, where we are currently operating.

At the begining we produced various leather products. However, gradually we were specializing in horse whips and crops. We started with two models, systematically expanding our offer.

At present we offer 18 basic types, dressage whips in various sizes, and many non-standard, exclusive models, according to our customers’ preferences. We also have been produced of lunging whips and driving whips from few years. Most of the production is destined to our local market, though we also export some part of it. All our products are hand-made.

Our offer

We have been manufacturing equestrian equipment for over 30 years.